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Regional Agencies

Join the OpenScout initiative!

Learn why to contact an OpenScout regional agency

In order to maintain a close proximity with its users, contributors and stakeholders in general, OpenScout is supported by a network of regional agencies or points of contact. Whether you are an educational institution, a small enterprise or a large company, these agencies are at your disposal to assist you:

  • If you need some additional information on how better to use OpenScout
  • If you want to suggest improvements or new functionalities
  • If you want that your materials are made available through OpenScout
  • If you want to integrate OpenScout in your learning systems
  • If you want to be kept informed about the development of OpenScout and its community

Why and how can my institution become a regional agency?

Welcome to the vibrant and commited group of OpenScout supporters!
You will contribute to the development of Open Educational Resources (OER) in Europe and beyond.
Your role as an OpenScout promoter will be acknowledged, giving you visibility in the OpenScout community.
You will help us promoting the portal among your contacts.
Contact us at: openscout AT or info AT













You can contact them in their national language or in English. Follow the links below or check the map to identify the regional agency close to you or representing the category you belong to.
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Contact a regional agency

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